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Soon coming!! excitment at Cities at developing countries
May 02, 2013 MS R

Developing countries are entirely different from the developed countries. city view at developed countries are feast to watch especially from low altitude when plane is taking off or landing.


living standards are low and government's priority are education and health..

The internet connection speed at India is 1.0Mbps. 137 million internet users, about 927 million mobile connections.

How do we put all these better use at Indian cities..?

My dream city :

Utilize relevant sensors enabled mobile phones to prevent use of mobile conversation while at wheels..? how ..? mobile sensor senses the car or other automobile engine or movement sensors and other parameters to sense that engine is ON and driver at wheels warn driver of the danger ahead and switch OFF.

city be densely networked with metro LAN -WiFi -mobile to monitor the air purity.
Traffic signalling system to ease movement of ambulance. Ambulance and traffic signal must be networked.

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