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Social Netwrok on city? yes, a App to make that possible
May 02, 2013 Miguel R3
Social Netwrok on city? yes, a App to make that possible

what about a social network on our city, not virtual, not digital, not intrusive on our privacy as some social networks available, not expandable to a point where we create the illusion that we have hundreds of friends, most of the time just virtual.
i think is inevitable that new dimensions of social networks will be generated soon, taking the best of the actual digital social networks, and creating processes to motivate the interactions of citizens on a city when and if he wants to discuss any interesting theme with some one , somewhere where he it will be on certain moment.
we are trying to develop this capability that the technology can provide to us today, using existing online platforms, we can promote the human interaction in real environment, through a App
developed for that propose where the citizen on a certain space can found someone else that is available to talk about the same subject...is this the way we will go?


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