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Smart turistico-cultural experiences
May 14, 2013 Maura C1

I want to look for the best use of technology to enhance the socio-touristic and cultural experience of my town, offering an attractive leisure options for family target which can also be educational activities for the youngest, and at the same time achieving the engagement of local business in building a smarter offer to citizens and visitors.
Combine different technologies (such as interactive services, participation platforms, augmented reality, internet of thing, etc) and mobile apps, in order to create an interactive system to offer innovative added value for a basic familiar sea-side middle-size town. The system should also consider the ways in which local business can participate in the system introducing their offer, as well as the users, who can enrich it with their experiences. Competitions will be organize among the different participant. I also would like to explore the possible new business models in relation with this smart city guide-experiencing system.

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