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Smart roads + smart cars = safer driving
May 14, 2013 Manuel A2

(I wrote this on the wrong topic, so I paste it here)
Imagine that your car can comunicate with the road and vice versa. Sensors in the car can send information every milisecond about the speed, acceleration, direction, and if the airbag system has been activated (that mean a crash). Just like telemetry systems in formula 1. The road can also send information to the car about the speed limit in every section (so that you don't have to accelerate or brake), state of the road ahead in terms of traffic (analyzing data from other cars), wheather conditions (using sensors to detect water or snow). All this can lead to a very safe driving conditions, because your car knows what is happening further on, knows where are the surrounding cars, their speed and if the red lights from a car in front of you at 100m distance, is owing to a light brake or a sharp brake.
In case of crash, an automatic call to emergency services can be done, providing number of cars involved and the location.


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