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Smart irrigation system
Apr 30, 2013 Joan M9

When irrigating grass or other ornamental plants in public gardens or parks is very important not to waste water, especially in regions where drought is a common problem.

The system I would like to suggest would take into account environmental parameters such as air humidity, temperature, soil humidity or weather conditions (rain, fog, sunny) in order to irrigate public parks with the most exact amount of water necessary at that moment, so it would be possible to save as much water as possible.

Briefly, this system would work as follows: sensors spread through the city send their information to a centralized node, which calculates the water quantity to be delivered by each hydrant, and the most optimal moment for the irrigation. At this moment the node will send a message to the hydrants to be activated, ordering them to deliver the calculated water quantity.

Do you know any currently similar system? I would really appreciate any feedback about this idea.


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