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Smart/Improved Traffic Lights Traffic lights
May 14, 2013 Jamil T
Smart/Improved Traffic Lights Traffic lights

I would like for there to be smart traffic lights that can better detect cars positions, speed, and possibly time that they may get near to one before changing accordingly to the situation. There has been many times when I would wait at a light have long studying at college at 2 am in the morning, and I would sit at the light for 1-3 minutes at a 3-way intersection, and there would be no other car coming in that direction. It needs to be to a point to where if i'm in that situation, it will detect that I would be the only car there and immediately change its light system to let me through. It could also have a renewable power source such as solar energy, if they haven't already.

I was thinking of it to work through a thermal sensor possible, that could detect the person inside the car, but it seems to be something being done about it at carnegie university.

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