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RFIDs on Bullets
May 12, 2013 John M107

My idea is that we could affix RFIDs to individual bullets that would be able to transmit various information (such as date, location and identification of purchase). This would, in effect, make it drastically simple for police departments in homicide cases. If we are able to make them small enough to attach to the metal gun shells, I think it would be a comparable solution to gun control. And could skirt the homicide rate in major cities.

Several problems that I foresee (I'm not an engineer, nor a gun enthusiast so point me out if I am incorrect):
- The RFIDs would have to be able to withstand a ignition of a gun blast. The obvious place to put the RFID would be within the gun shell and away from the primer.
- Legislative red tape: Even if state laws are lax with using a gun license to purchase bullets, even the knowing the location and time of purchase could alert you to security cameras that could pinpoint the buyer.

Will they withstand? can they be place on bullets?


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