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Rehabilitating previously "Redlined" Areas using BIM technology
May 15, 2013 willard W1

Going into historically redlined districts, which were established by the HOLC and the FHA in the 1930's, and providing Lean Construction and Design Services using Building Information Modeling technology to analyze large swaths of areas for the best ways to completely rebuild communities to be sustainable, vibrant and synergistic with infinite possibilities.

This can be achieved through the use of platforms like the Onuma Planning System and Archicad to provide entire site audits for performance, sustainability, and climatic resilience. Funding would be generated through some crowd funded micro loan program where the community takes ownership of their future success. Platforms like Fundrise.com could help the rate at which this idea is adopted.

A majority of the buildings the exist today are incorrectly oriented, poorly designed, and completely toxic to its inhabits, and are destroying the very social fabric which bids us all.

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