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Plug&Play Streets Lab
May 09, 2013 Manu F

The projects seeks to explore suitable places, facilities and urban equipment that could work as enablers for social interaction. to do so, there is a need to understand how people use this street and what kind of expectation do they have that could be met with a public sphere of objects designed to interact with citizens´digital devices.
Plug&Play serves as the core concept to express the objective of the project: creating opportunities for citizens to find ways to hybridize the physical experience of using this street in different ways and conditions (as pedestrian, as runner, as tourist, as driver, as child,...) with devices deployed on street equipment (roads, information displays, sidewalks, public lights,...) designed for an easy-to-use and friendly interface connection.
The project is an exploration of how embedded technologies can be suitable in different hardware equipments and urban furniture and howthey can serve the needs of individual and group users of the streets.


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