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Platform of mutual help for citizens, with geolocation on a map
May 15, 2013 Taras K

Hello people, I have an idea to create a platform for smartphones or any other computers. A basic conception is about mutual help for each citizen of a city in any question: repairing something, help with transportation somewhere, anything else.
Each user could download an app for free and register there, but only with connection to sim-card (same as in WhatsUp or WeChat). Reasons of such connection: 1) each man has a sim-card; 2) against some scams - if the app will be downloaded by some criminal-mind man, anyway it's difficult to change new sim-cards every day. Also, there must be some rating of users or something.
Different social activities: transport, repairing etc. Each registered user could add in his profile some parts of activities, where he could help to other people. So, each man could help people around or get help from any man around him.
Very important thing - use geolocation on a map only by a sim-card, but not with GPS. Reason - every man has a sim-card.


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