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Pinheiros River Remediation in São Paulo Brazil
May 02, 2013 Miguel R3
Pinheiros River Remediation in São Paulo Brazil

Potentially one of the most polluted rivers in the world, a huge environmental problem with complex solutions to be taken on next decades to recuperate the river that cross Sao Paulo City.
We develop a idea based on public light that can be installed on the 20 km of bicycle path along the margin of the river , recently opened to be used by the citizens of the city.
our idea it will be to instal LED post light, integrating few sensors and actuators to collect massive data that can provide the necessary information regarding the dynamics of river.
With few sensors we can mesure the water condition regarding PH, and other chemical elements, flow´s, chemical condition of the muds, solids on suspension, also we can monitorate potencial animal life on the margins as a indicator of future recuperation of the riiver, air condition , UV presence, CO2, temperature and moisture, we can use few posts with intelligent video cameras, and few more capabilities based on technology like CityApps.

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