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PedApp!! The App for pedestrians in São Paulo!
May 10, 2013 Gabriela C

30% of all commutes are done WALKING in São Paulo! And it's not that we have the best sidewalks in the world!
So the idea is having an app where every citzen in São Paulo could post comments/complaints about sidewalks in an interactive map.
As of now, people can only do this by calling 156 - and you never know if they really registred your complaint, or if the Municipality will ever fix it, and even - you have no idea if others have complained about the same thing!
City planners could than cross this data people collected with local GIS basis (with land use, transit stops and so on), in order to identify most common routs, and establish priorities for upgrading sidewalks.
Sensors or GPS in cell phone could also help calculate the number of people using specific sidewalks.
People could use the app to make choices about mobility: maybe walking instead of taking a bus, or choosing a safer sidewalk to get to a specific place...

More ideas to come...


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