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Mobile App and Nature's call
May 03, 2013 MS R

India has around 708 Million and about 44 million smart phone active mobile subscribers.
In India and as well in many developing countries answering nature's call has been a challenge in public places especially while traveling on long haul in the city limits. since ages people have using open secluded places to attend to urgency.
many Public toilet have been constructed by private IT companies since about few years and have distributed through out the city in Bangalore. this has been a great help. yet most of the time people may not know the proximity of the available public toilet .
to over come the inconvenience plan is being drawn to map the toilets and build an APP to know the exact location of the public toilet. This goes long way in helping people, maintaining clean environs and educating young children good habits.
With many mobile phones in the hands of people at developing countries one should be able to touch the human lives with he use of mobile APP technology.


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