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Live Mobitravel app
Updated: May 13, 2013 Vivek P

I would like to explore Technology and would like to develop a mobile application which would give Live feeds of the Public Transports like(train, bus, trams etc) for common people.
1. Get suggestions on which mode of transport is best and/or a combination of both(if applicable).
2. Would give live feeds of the Different modes of transport in a interactive pictorial way/anything simpler.
Tram stop: Gare Maritime
Next tram timing: xx:xx hrs
Tram currently at : tertre.

And some more details like this, which would make it very easy for people who are new to a city and do not have their own transport, for people who depend on public transport, would help people plan their trip without much waste of time.

3. We could integrate some feature to book a mobiticket(as in this present generation 7 on 10 people use mobile phones).

Request Feedback and also looking forward to discuss.

More Info:
PM to work together.

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