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Lets make the power grid local using cars as batteries
May 02, 2013 Shaun O1

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I think we can use the internet to make a smarter power grid for the future? Why not collect solar energy, and store it at a local source?

The idea is to collect energy and distribute the storage in peoples hybrid vehicles. Australia, in one day is exposed to enough sunlight to power the worlds energy needs, yet we mostly squander this, relying on coal power. More people today are driving hybrid vehicles and yearly sales continue to increase, so, if a person was to have their house connected to the city grid, and at night, their vehicle was drained by 50% to continue powering the city, they would still have enough energy to drive to work in the morning, where they could plug in and collect energy again. In return for allowing battery use, they could receive a discount on their energy bill for every kilowatt they put back in the grid.

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