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Let Green Energy Shaping Our Future Cities!
May 09, 2013 Rebecca H15
Let Green Energy Shaping Our Future Cities!

I would like to propose a Green Technology to integrate the solar panel to the window glazing system for high-rise commercial buildings. The Green Solar Energy can be stored and use for the internal lighting and air-conditioning. This technology has already launched by DuPont, details can be referred to http://www2.dupont.com/Photovoltaics/en_US/science_of/index.html
A high efficiency power transfer system with a smaller power plant design will be benefit in the building space arrangement. A good light transparent and Low emissivity window system can be integrated with the solar panel as a environmental friendly products to enhance the green building efficiency. It’s good to have the variety of window size and shapes to increase the design feasibility.
It is because Hong Kong is a crowded commercial centre. Most of the high rise commercial buildings are using reflective glass. The above Green Glazing system can improve the sustainability of our City, Hong Kong.

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