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Inter-Modal Transportation Data Collection and Management App
Apr 30, 2013 Jonathan M15

The idea is to develop a downloadable app that tracks the path you take and an assorted list of variables anytime you choose. Upon opening the app, you would be presented with a list of variable (all optional to prevent privacy issues) such as, Mode, Time, Gender, and Age. You would then click "Begin" and the app, using location services, would record your path of travel until you tell it to stop. The geographic movement data would be collected (anonymously except for the information the user enters) into a database for later analysis.

After a period of time, you would have a mapable database that would delinate which paths are being traveled by whom. You could discover travel patterns among demographics, and more importantly modes. Communities could then see where bikes travel the most, cars travel the most, pedestrian heavy areas/paths and alter their capital improvements programs accordingly.

Let me know what you think! There isn't a whole lot of space here to expand.


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