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Intelligent Monitoring of Construction Workers CO Poisoning
May 04, 2013 ABISHEK K

Infrared (IR) imaging is the best method for detecting leaks of pollutant gases, but current technology based on cooled IR imagers is far too expensive ($75,000 to $150,000) for everyday field use by those who need it to meet regulatory limits—electric and petrochemical utilities, manufacturing plants, and businesses such as supermarkets.
This presents a feasibility study of a wearable computing system to protect construction workers from carbon monoxide poisoning. Monitoring for blood O2 and CH4 involve the same principles and technologies, if monitoring O2 is feasible, then monitoring for CH4 will be feasible as well. The results of this initial study show that integrating an oximeter into a construction-helmet will warn the user of impeding carbon monoxide poisoning with a probability greater than 99%.


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