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integrated parking space and traffic management for smart city
Updated: May 12, 2013 Maryam P

San Francisco’s Municipal Transport Authority is trialling an initiative, called SFpark, designed to reduce traffic by
helping drivers find parking spaces. SFpark collects real-time information (using wireless parking sensors) about
where parking is available and then distributes that information via a smartphone app to drivers. It also periodically
adjusts meter and garage pricing up and down in line with demand, encouraging drivers to park in underused
areas and garages, reducing demand in overused areas. In a pilot phase, the new parking management system is
being tested at 7,000 of San Francisco’s 28,800 metered spaces and 12,250 spaces in 15 of 20 city-owned parking
Now , my idea , is to investigate different architectural that is used in this kind of system , and appropriate sensors that can be used , advantage of this system and how much effect have ?
and also mobile app that used in this way.
plz tell me your suggestion


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