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Holistic vs Prescriptive vs Disruptive Technologies
May 09, 2013 Abba Rose F

I think you are on to something. :) I'm willing to take this on with you if you like.

After some research and reflection, my thoughts are:
What are cities for?
What is technology for?
What are the pros and cons of holistic technologies?
What are the pros and cons of prescriptive technologies?
What's going on in the world now?
What can disruptive technologies teach us?
What's the balance of power now?

Who stand most to benefit from empowering everyone?
Who stand most to benefit from having control centered in a few?

What are the relationships and connections between technologies, governments, environments, markets, and people?
What are possible barriers/opportunities for technologies?
Which things facilitate or hinder technology?

What drives technological advancement?
How is progress and development done? Is there a structural framework or formula for this?

Towards which direction will people take these technologies?


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