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Friendly Bus Shelters
May 08, 2013 Maggie D5

Sometimes people feel impatient when waiting for a bus. And friendly bus shelters can be of help. Three functions of this bus shelter, one is to relieve people from impatience. Second to rebuild the sense of community. Third is to create the chance of car pool.

For example, I go to the bus shelter and just put my smartphone to a chip on the wall of the shelter, getting some news from it and allowing it to have some of my information. If there is a girl standing next to me on the bus shelter, and I realize maybe she lives in the same community with me. So I put my smartphone on the chip and if she too had her smartphones read, I can get some basic information of her. With some similar interests or overlapping backgrounds, like we just go to the same district to work, I may start a conversation with her. So we may become friends and since we are from the same place or head for the same place, we can also conduct car pools in the future.

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