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Flood Early Warning Application
Updated: May 06, 2013 Yusuf A
Flood Early Warning Application

Flood is a disaster which often happens every year in some district in my country, even in the president palace (see the picture). You can imagine how much our loss if this happen in our district, you can’t go anywhere and if is not, you must be worry to go work or school because maybe they are flooded area. After watching the video lecture about the imaging that can be use to track person or car, so maybe it can be tracking the water level to. so my idea is planting rain gauge built in sensor water camera with solar energy trap for running it, in every district. here how they works: Rain gauge will metering the rain volume, when the measuring reach the critical volume it will be activate the sensor camera and sending the data in mobile application, so we can do preventing action if the area near of you and with the image we can decide are destination that we want to go are flooded area or not. by the way sorry for bad English.


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