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Encouraging Bicycle Use through Technology
May 05, 2013 Anna W9

I'm living in small city (@80000) but it's full of cars. There is a traffic almost all the time. It's big problem with parking - cars are standing on sidewalks making problem for pedestrians to pass.
In my project i want to think and find ways how using technology I can encourage people to leave their cars at home and start using more bicycles.

I have already few ideas but I need also your voice, what do you think about it? If it would encourage you to leave your car at home?
- 'city bikes' system with smart docks stations where users can download on smart phone map of stations and interesting turistic routs, get to know which rout is the best to get somewhere, with easy system of paying and rewards system (f.e. getting discounts for frequent use)
- special app where people can downloads their routes, checking how much they cycle, how it affects their health, where they can compare results, getting training feedback, compete with friends

Do you think that it's good idea?


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