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Dumbphone interfaces to "mobile" city services
Apr 30, 2013 Tony T3
Dumbphone interfaces to "mobile" city services
Phone number + stop ID for real time bus schedule.

The and fun technology projects to work on are shiny new smartphone apps for the latest devices. But as a poll for our own class reveals, not everyone has a smartphone. Even less would be with a data plan. And we are arguably a privileged group — ones with enough free time and technology access to pursue additional online classes.

The market share is changing fast, but most people (much more so in developing world) are still using featured phones, with SMS as the primary protocol for data communication. But 140 characters is often enough to make most information accessible. Twitter runs on SMS. Some bus services will text back their realtime schedule.

Other services could be more inclusionary as well. SMS is ubiquitous; data is not yet.

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