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Design solution to highlight pollution levels to the citizens
May 15, 2013 murali D

A problem like pollution, if highlighted well, will provoke the people into action - either demanding better governance or being conscious when making a decision at an individual level or both. Pollution (including airborne viruses/bacteria, if those are not typically included in pollution) is a problem that needs both the citizen and the public administration to be pro-active in mitigating the problem, if not completely preventing it.

The need for this is even more pronounced in developing countries where the pace of infrastructure improvement is too fast for the public as well as the public administration to be aware of all the pitfalls of their decisions today. Highlighting the net effects of their decisions will close the feedback loop and help them rethink how resources are being managed, be it be water, transportation, power generation and even accessibility of information in a wider scope. I propose we develop a framework for this.


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