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Create free wifi zones through Mesh Network in the city
May 08, 2013 Salman N

I live in a poor city with 12 million population, but only 2.5 million people have access to the internet, that’s only 20% of the population. Oddly my city has a tradition of creating tall buildings, which will be beneficial in creating wifi zones throughout the city with the help of Mesh Networks.

Also, smartphone and tablet users on the go like to interact, share and seek information online via mobile applications but they have to rely on very slow GPRS and Edge connection as there is no 3G and 4G mobile communication technology in my city, so I believe free wifi zones will facilitate the need of absent technologies like this, well as far as mobile internet usage is concerned.

As we grow I would also like to design an app and a website to show locations of wireless zones within the city. I know how to design a website, but I would like to learn to design a mobile app too.


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