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Bus status boards
Apr 30, 2013 K Rose Q

What I would really love to see in my city is a bus status board something like airlines use for their flight statuses in the airports. For example, our public transit it just horrible and every year they cut back more and more of it. So the people who use it are waiting longer and longer at stops, have to make more and more transfer to get to where they're going and are lugging more stuff around on the bus due to combining trips during service hours. So why can't we have a real-time board on each stop shelter that updates on if the bus is on time or if its out of service and what other buses there are available as alternates? As it is right now it takes me over 2 hours on our bus system to travel 15 minutes in a car. That's if everything is on time. If one bus is 5 minutes late that's another hour travel time- so much wasted when we just need to know what's coming down the road....

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