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TechniCity Matchmaking
TechniCity Matchmaking
Do you have a great idea for a project and want to find people who can help you make it a reality?

This is designed to connect people working in cities (or other organizations) with a need for a tool, application or prototype to people with technical expertise to make it possible.

If you think a project idea is good, please second the idea. If you are someone that would be interested in helping bring the idea to life add a comment. Or if you are someone that could use the same or a similar tool be sure to help refine the idea.

You are welcome to team up and use these ideas for the class project. Or you can choose to work on this independently outside of class.

Jennifer C24
We reserve the right to delete any project proposals that are not technology related. If your project idea is deleted feel free to post again with an idea that has a clear technology focus.

Please note that for privacy purposes you cannot direct contact individuals through MindMixer or Coursera. If you decide to have a team to work on a project we suggest that you create a group via social media, ie a Facebook group or LinkedIn group that you can make private. From there you can communicate with each other and choose whether you wish to exchange email addresses.

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