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A framework for renewables in the built environment
May 15, 2013 murali D

Distributed generation is something that we need to add to the mix. Energy saved is energy produced; in that spirit, the scope here includes energy saving opportunities.

I propose we develop a framework, based on an assessment of the public spaces and the build environment, a roadmap for renewables in the built environment like power from sewage + water treatment, renewables like vertical wind and solar photovoltaic for private, community and public rooftops, green rooftops, power from solid seggregated waste etc.,

As the topic demands, we need to bring in information on how the waste is managed, waster is managed, rooftops are managed and urban heat island effects.

I plan to bring in data from Hyderabad, India where the power shortage is roughly 10% of the demand and the renewables in the built environment will just be sufficient to prevent power cuts so the economic and developmental activity is not impeded.

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