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10% of the world's population live in disability UN says
May 06, 2013 AYHAN S
10% of the world's population live in disability UN says

Disabled persons are the biggest minority in the world.

10% of the world's population = 650 Million people with disability
(Source: United Nations)

Primarily the RFID and sensor technologies may help the social inclusion of such a big population in smarter cities.

We need to develop safe zones where disabled persons can maximize their ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range that is CLOSE to a normal functioning human being. It is not only outside but also necessary at home so that the comfort shall be ensured for them to fulfill their needs at the maximum level possible.

Without such a big population, social inclusion cannot be accomplished in any smart city.

Smart cities should be smart for all of us.

Governing policies shall give high priority to the availability smart technologies also for the disabled persons.


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