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Use of Gym eqipments for hydroponics farming !
Updated: Mar 15, 2015 Dineshaware A

Hydroponics farming techniques can be used to produce vegetables at Gyms. Put vertical hydroponics farming racks in gym , sow spinach, onions , coriander, ginger, garlic, tomatoes seeds, water pump running on electricity produced during exercise Can be used to recycle water in trays used for cultivating vegetables, take home vegetables daily after finishing exercises. Hydroponically grown sprouted whets,buckwheat extract and germinated buckwheat extract reduce hypertension please note.
sprouted brown rice three times a day. After a two-week washout can reduce blood concentrations of fasting blood glucose & may help control blood sugar.
Also , ambient temperature, light conditions can be made available using this electricity generated in gym to make grow vegetables faster ! Hurry, Technicity Gym Equipment brand!!
Hydroponics farming should be made compulsory for all gyms across globe!


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