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TiO2 ON city , Titon city , Zero pollution City!
Mar 13, 2015 Dineshaware A

What is TiO2 enabled pollution cleaner?

Titanium dioxide when react with Poisonous pollution component Nitrogen Oxide , in presence of sunlight or uv light , break Poisonous nitroxides in to nitrgen and oxygen items which then get converted in to clean air, water dues, and harmless by product like calcium nitrate. Which can be drained down in rainy days

What is the idea ?

I have an idea of building zero pollution city having walls, roads, rooftops, jeans having Titanium Dioxide catalytic enabled coats , cements, paints , tiles, cloths. There is a metal company too which , Alcoa they have build aluminium that cleans pollution. There is a hospital in Brazil , that cleans pollution using specially created tiles having tio2 catalytic painsto neutralize nitrogen oxides.

What is the proof . ?

Well, Ital cement says they conducted test where they found NOX reduced by 60%, Boysen Knoxout says their paint has reduced pollution by 70%,


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