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Think Paper Books are Better than E-Books? How To Read More...
Mar 06, 2015 Hector M3
Think Paper Books are Better than E-Books? How To Read More...
The Public Library: Not Just a Building Anymore

Several recent studies have pointed out the advantages of reading real paper books vs. reading e-books on a Kindle or on a computer. Yet, one cannot deny that e-books are inexpensive and easily accessible.

Public libraries have often been a way to solve the problem of accessibility to books and other educational materials, yet, while some public library systems tend to be more evolved than others, the public library is usually confined to a building within a certain geographic area.

What if, using GPS technology and publicly available ISBN data, we could create a platform that allows neighbors in a community to share their physical books with each other? In other words, the Public Library does not need to be just a building anymore.

Not only could it be a way for people to access already existing books, but also a good way to meet other people in the community with similar interests. (Plus it is environmentally friendly and discourages consumption).

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