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Technology on Environmental Issues
Mar 15, 2015 thaothany T
Technology on Environmental Issues

Environmental issue is becoming a big concern for most nations and we, human, should re-look on our actions toward the environment. We dump waste like plastic in our garden yard today and the effects might not come in the next day or even the next year. BUT, our innocent-young generation might have to face with all of this. They are innocent, they do not know about this, so why should they have to suffer from it? Those plastic will have reaction with the soil and release out the toxin that will greatly affect public health. We might think that the water from the faucet is clean, but the answer is NO. We use underground water for every day's needs like for the kitchen, bathroom, gardening etc. The release of toxin will be in that water and now the victims are more that one. Risks are created by ourselves. So my concern is that how can we use technology to raise this issue up and effectively convince the audience to seriously look on this issue? Let's save our innocent generation.


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