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Stop dieses in city, proactive healtcare app!
Updated: Mar 14, 2015 Dineshaware A


I have an idea of creating diseases hot spots in city using lighter version of GIS map to make citizens alert about spreading diseases in city by pin pointing areas in cities. This information about diseases will be authenticated by gov't authorities, healthcare departments. Say example malaria is spotted in Mumbai, the hot spot should have number of patients registered, medicine , precautions to be taken , root cause of this disease,Municipal corporation health camps to prevent malaria, lot of key information that will enable citizens to make responsible for preventing malaria.

rumours, misinformation, prevention, disease prevention using citizens participation , control over speculated medicine prices will be achieved.

Constraints: No constraint, but base map should be fast enough to show information on website of municipal corporation, smartphones, road side indicators.

Timeframe : 3 months tocreate,Shareable on websites, Google store, iTunes


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