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Solve air pollution the most challenging issue of humans healthy
Mar 24, 2015 Seyed S

Health of human is the most important issue in our life. There are a lot of deaths because of air pollution in whole world and it's a global disaster.
However some solutions have been released for this challengfull issue, such as rules of transportation and hardly ever learning and informing people by media. But they are not matching with technology.
By the way, I've read about some proposal of tall buildings which are aiming to solve air pollution, wherease they have won prize from CTBUH (They are attached here by Link). They are tried to puriffy and suck dust particles by some systems and machines, and also considering climate.
Finally, these tall buildings inspired me to use potentialls of urban furnitures. For example light streets and communication towers can be more efficient by adding these usefull systems to them. I think by consider these elements height and humans average height, people can breath in a cleaner atmosphere.

More Info:
Dust Collecting tower
CTBUH(Council on Tall Building and Urban Habitat Student Awards)

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