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Smart Cities Guideline/Best Practices for collectivities
Mar 17, 2015 Otto M

Dear All,
I am currently interested in creating a recommandation list of ideas, initiatives, advices, easy to set actions,... to support mayors, collectivities, associations to help them in developping smart cities, in making their cities very environmental friendly, easy to live, waste free (all type of waste)..
Most of the ideas are environmental or health friendly, but also technically oriented and low cost as well. For example, I try to isolate several ideas which can allow to reduce broadband use, reduce wireless radiations exposure...
I would need your support to collect ideas, feedbacks of local initiatives...
I put here some examples, but feel free to continue the list, share and discuss about it. Many Thanks!

The drafted list:
- public lighting LED technology
- smart public lighting ( presence detectors)
- wired connection availability in public places (free use)
- off the grid indicators lights
- Limited vehicule access areas/control


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