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Reconfigure intersections based on primary flow
Mar 06, 2015 Joseph S49

In my city, and perhaps yours, we have painted lanes for travelling left, straight, or right through an intersection. These split from the previous single or double lane leading up to the intersection.

What often occurs is that the majority of traffic is trying to move in a particular maneuver at specific time of day. For example, turning right. The lane fills up, and ten cars back is a frustrated driver who just wants to turn left, but the road is blocked by cars waiting to turn right. (if you don't understand, I might mention we drive on the left of the road, so flip the directions and it should make sense).

Install sensors to detect driving patterns and optimize the layout accordingly. If majority is trying to turn, then increase number of turning lanes and allow sufficient length such that any drivers not wanting to turn have the necessary space to continue unhindered as they drive on.

No extra tar, just repainting!


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