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Pedestrian Crossings which adjust to predicted demand
Mar 09, 2015 Jeremy G21

An idea for my project is pedestrian crossings and pedestrian phases in junctions with traffic signals which adjust according to demand improving the 'walkability' of a city.

Firstly, the number of people detected waiting to cross could affect the wait time and length of green man / walk phase (real-time data).

In addition data collected from nearby infrared pedestrian counters would be used to trigger a count down to a walk phase or reduce the wait. This would be based on the correlation between nearby pedestrian flows and pedestrian crossing demand (based on real-time minus x minutes to last week's data).

Finally (for now) the extent to which pedestrians are given priority can be adjusted by a weighting factor. This wouldn't be set in real time but could be used to bridge the gap between zebra crossings and signalised pedestrian crossings. Therefore as land-uses change city planners can alter the extent to which pedestrians get priority on a sliding scale.

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