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Networking for the improvement of QoL through culture.
Updated: Mar 11, 2015 Javier B4

My city is included in the list of World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1987, therefore there's a lot of historic buildings that are worth visiting and there's a lot of cultural events, like music concerts, ballet, opera, painting exhibitions, etc. but only a few people have knowledge of this. Many times we have to dig up the information if we want to enjoy a cultural event and even goverment isn't quite involved in the situation, only big events are the ones that goverment has interest in. My proposal is a network between citizens and tourist, cultural events organizations and goverment, where the citizens and tourists can rely on the information of the cultural agenda for the week, month or year, "what's near me", what's new, get alarms for events of their interest, share new locations or urban independent events and rate and comment these events.

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