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Location Aware Signal Connected Ambulance
Updated: Mar 19, 2015 Manikandan R

Problem Context: Its a big problem(especially in the developing countries like India) when the ambulance gets stuck in traffic at every signal in the cities. Every second matters to save the life of people in the ambulance.
Proposal: An mobile application which can be used by the Ambulance driver as well as the police man. Once the ambulance driver is about to start, using the app,he/she will set the destination thru the map and the route to reach the destination. This information is shared across the police personals who are in that route thru the location services. Once the ambulance starts, its being tracked by the application thru GPS. When the ambulance is about(1 km to reach the signal) to reach every signal in the route to destination, the signal has to be changed to green to the way the ambulance wants to go. Signal transmission will be automatic based on IoT connected signals and also can be done manually by the police man.Lets save lives :)


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