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is energy generation really our problem?
Mar 10, 2015 vicken B
is energy generation really our problem?
just one example

energy generation isn't the only problem we have, it's a major one now cause of the excessive need of electricity that's true, however our bigger problem is the use and distribution of this energy.

we have loads of ways to generate electricity, which is our most used type of energy.
Solar windows, Solar roofs, Solar roads, Wind Turbines, Fan less Wind Generators, Electricity Generating Bikes .. long list and those are just a few of the clean ones.

our problem is mostly how we consume it, people leave their lights on for no reason, or the use of old technology lamps, electric water heaters..need i say more.

solutions for this:
- we need education from lowest level to the highest of ways to improve the way we consume energy.
-Governments should facilitate and help people in large cities to buy and install renewable energy sources.
-smarter houses not just buildings.


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