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Inviting Residential ideas in building smart city properties!
Mar 23, 2015 Dineshaware A

My idea is to attract participation in building residential, commercial complexes by inviting ideas by newspaper reader, smart phone users, prospective buyers of properties that is under plan by builders, corporate.
How to achieve it:
1.Publish residential property construction plane in newspaper, pop up apps. Say "City build by citizens " advertising for the same.
2.invite ideas of citizens what they want in this city.
3.Idea selection event details.
4. Top 10 ideas rewards like car, lifestyle products, smarphone, free coupon worth 5000 $., Hongcong tour free package. Builders won't mind giving it!
5. Citizens will submit their dream ideas, feasible ideas,
7. They will be given opportunities to build their Dream City!
May be builder can offer20% discount on 2 bhk apartments.
I have won coupon worth 17500₹, My idea was planting worlds 10 most beautiful tree species in this residential , commercial complex ,puttingsafety mirrors on turning points in this city.

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