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Infrared pedestrian counter + physical activity - Wash DC
Mar 07, 2015 Ted E8
Infrared pedestrian counter + physical activity - Wash DC

I am both interested in refinements/expansion and potential collaborators...

We manage an infrared pedestrian counter in the heart of Washington, DC that's connected to a network of sensors, with access to all the data. These counters are less invasive than the Placemeter product because they don't rely on video, and are used across the US (Eco-Counter Urban Pyro).

We've done some visualization of the data, which is continuously updated. What are ideas to connect this to feedback to citizens / increased physical mobility?

We are part of the US' largest non-profit health system, so this is relevant to our mission. I would be happy to give access to the data stream to collaborators to explore signaling / feedback systems. A tweeting meter? A physical activity program with local employers with feedback? Example of the output is in the photo.

Pic of sensor is here https://www.flickr.com/photos/taedc/sets/72


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