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Gym cook! Kitchen!!Use of Gym , Gym equipment for cooking food!
Updated: Mar 15, 2015 Dineshaware A

Gym cook! Gym chef !! Gym Kitchen !! While we exercises at home, at gym, kinetic energy can be used for cooking ,Burn calories to eat...U don't burn calorie, U R NOR ENTITLED TO EAT..! These warning should be made mandatory@ every gym in the world! Your exercise will finish, when food is ready!
Well, very easy! gym equipment will produce current i.e dynamometer generated current, fed to electric oven or equipment to cook rice, chicken, cabbage, prepare cake. Just get recipe with you with pressure cooker, oven from home to gym, Cook it , prepare it during exercises. No exercises, no food!
Or Gyms must facilitate this Gym kitchens to members! It can be made mandatory, for solving global energy crisis!
Advantage:Smart citizens, save time, save money spent on electricity, get inspired for social cause of saving global energy crisis! This will inspire you to perform rigorous hard exercises making you look more beautiful, handsome charming!
Timeframe: 2 weeks


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