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Green city
Mar 16, 2015 xiaohui H
Green city
Green city

In Columbus, there are a lot really successful greening projects like Scioto river green walk and downtown park. However I think the city misses an important detail.
When I am walking along the street, I find out that the amount of regular trash bin is much higher than the amount of recycle bin. Also, the recycle bin does not have a really obvious appearance. To improve this situation I am thinking:
First, the regular trash bin and recycle bin should be right next to each other. This can avoid people who have trash in their hand and throw it to any trash bins near them.
Second, there should be a smart trash bin. There could be paintings of all recycled resources on the outside. And the trash bin can recognize if the trash goes into the right place itself. It will beep when people try to throw a wrong thing.
I know it sounds crazy to take a lot money for creating a smart trash bin, but if you really look inside the recycle bin on the street, you will know the importance of it.


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