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GPS enabled Hot spots for all kind of disablity ppl
Updated: Apr 12, 2015 Dineshaware A

This hot spot like special "bus stop" booth, will be for those who are suffering from any kind of disability, with following features
1. This hot spot will be GPS enabled.
2. Will have ability to send data how many ppl are waiting, what kind of help, what kind of disability .
3. Will have a dedicated person to help them to guide them, to operate special kiosk designed for this place with phone,touch screen built in app as translator, to find out nearest help centre disables looking for, can be nearest hospital, relatives location for emergency help, he may tell them which next bus they can catch to go to desired location or even help them cross road, ride bus, shared vehicle.
4. All this data can be considered as open data for all such hot spots for disabled people across city which can be taken as input to create an app.
5. City municipal corporations can form fleet of special reserved vehicles to handle request from such hot spots for disabled.


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