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Genius loci App?
Mar 24, 2015 Brandon H19

I would like to design something that helps represent the genius loci of an area to better orient citizens, planners, builders, and visitors to it. "The spirit of a place" is what it roughly translates to. I would like this "something" to serve primarily as a representation of the city which the public can access and perhaps comment and edit like Wikipedia.

I imagine it being an app with GPS that could tell you:
- What city you are in
- How far are you from the major geographical points of interest (historically and currently)
- City history of your location as well as information on all parts of the built city (streetlights, mailboxes, on-ramps, street art, etc... seems similar to how RFIDs were introduced at the start of this class)
- General city history
- Social places of interest
- Information on City infrastructure and locations
- Information on City economy and locations
- Local news?

It seems like it will need information feeds from city sensors in infrastructure.


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