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Fly I eye Phone!Fly eye n Droid!! Your flying Home Companion!!
Apr 05, 2015 Dineshaware A

What ?
I have a great idea of future which is possible! What I want to do is to build Micro drone with smart phone open source OS capabilities . With display, touch screen...This device with auto pilot mode, return to home function will Act as flying eye, talking to family members , with face recognition capabilities.
How ?
Tu delf university Professor Mr. Brat Rames has developed a chip of the size of euro coin with navigation capability, arm processor, communication capability supporting open source app!
This chip can be integrated with flat or dome shaped flying smart phone. He will be programmed in auto pilot mode, to recognise, speak, translate any one who is coming in his way!
Where ? @Samsung ,IPhone, Sony, Giony any design factory !
Timeline 1 year. Concept Animation : 1 day.
Please note such Fly I Phone, Fly N Droid friend for housewives , companion who will be around you not found in Google!


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