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First steps for savings
Mar 11, 2015 Serhii M

I'm living in Ukraine. And here the problem of saving energy more then 20 years were not priority for people (after USSR). And now, when government calculated how much we lose - they were shocked. But they don't have a strategy how, after years of "cheap" water, gas, electricity, explain people true cost of energy. There are thousands of projects for savings in cities, and I need your help to find information about new technologies in savings, especially, would be interesting to read about first steps. How converse with people? How to explain that energy is very expensive! What can we do now, without big investment, sensors and smart grids? How can we start our savings on this moment? Thanks. P.S. I'm just an activist, and I want to understand about experience of other cities. What can I propose for people and government.


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